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About Me

My name is Alys. You can usually find me around the net under Darkhayle, but I use a few other screen names too. I'm 28 years old, a goth (could you tell? idk if you could tell!) and I'm here for the vibes. I use she/her pronouns and I'm bi.

I'm currently living in Poland but I'm not Polish. You can find me around southern Poland sometimes at shows. I also like to attend the central European gothic festivals when I can. Not all of them though, there's so many now! My usual festival ~haunts~ are Return to the Batcave (Wroclaw, Poland) and Wave Gotik Treffen (Leipzig, Germany). If you attend these and see me come say hi!

I wasn't always a goth! As a tween I was actually a mall emo/scene kid. I was all about Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, 3OH!3, etc. It's funny to look back now because there seems to be a scene kid to adult goth pipeline in my age range.

On top of not "growing up goth", I also got into the goth subculture in a really weird way. Tumblr was blowing up when I was in my teenage years, as was the fandom culture on there. I started getting more into deep-diving 80s music. I found some Clan of Xymox, Wolfsheim, and Dead Can Dance stuff randomly through Tumblr and Pandora (Anyone still use that?). And the icing on the cake - as a comic book nerd and an alt kid, I loved Zatanna Zatara and ran a tumblr blog around her. I thought "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if Zatanna was actually goth?" and started researching the subject. I heard Moonchild by Fields of the Nephilim for the first time and the rest was history.